College Placement (Ontario Royals)

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The Ontario Royals program provides College Placement services to all of our players and families - helping to guide them through the process of choosing a post-secondary option that suits both their academic and athletic aspirations. 

To date, we have assisted in the placement of over 160 Royals at the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, OUA, and OCAA levels.

Our college placement process begins for our players at our younger age levels (15U and 16U).  Ontario Royals staff meet with parents and players to explain the placement process and what they can do to best prepare themselves on the field and in the classroom. 

As players progress through our program, the focus becomes tracking their academic and athletic development. As athletes are developing their skills, showcase opportunities are presented to give our players exposure to a range of college and university programs across the United States and Canada. Our teams select high-level US tournaments in the summer to maximize our exposure south of the border, and our college placement team facilitates on-going communication with college coaches and recruiters. 

As players reach their Grade 11 and 12 academic years, the Royals adopt a direct and personalized approach to college placement, meeting with each athlete and their family individually to develop a short-list of collegiate options for that individual player. Players are then assisted in creating their recruitment video that will be sent directly to collegiate coaches, and arranging official visits to colleges and universities.

We take a great deal of pride in our track record of success in assisting players in the College Placement process, and we look forward to providing the best post-secondary academic and baseball opportunities for our players for years to come.